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Big "I" Hires has cutting-edge tools to help small to large insurance agencies hire top-performing sales and service staff.

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Provide your staff the path to a successful career with top-notch training.

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Pre-screen candidates to ensure job performance and sales acumen.

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The easiest way to walk yourself through the entire hiring process - from the initial job posting to providing an offer letter!

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Here's what independent agents are saying about Big "I" Hires!

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You're independent, but you're not alone.

Finding the right producer or CSR for your team can be a challenge. In fact, more than 44% of independent agency owners cite finding new, qualified employees as their biggest hurdle in 2018*.

Created by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Big "I" Hires is a one-stop resource designed to help independent agents recruit and retain qualified talent.

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Step-by-step guides and templates that take you through the entire hiring process from preparing, launching, screening and onboarding. Available for producers and CSRs.


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Find Your Perfect Hire Today!


Are skill sets appropriately matched to the job? Evaluate each candidate's knowledge and personality and then determine sales ability and performance potential.

Use Caliper Assessments and Sales Call Reluctance Testing Today!

Why Big "I" Hires?

The biggest reason:

44% of respondents to the
2018 Agency Universe Study
cite the inability to find new
qualified employees as
their #1 issue.

Why is that?

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  • Voluntary turnover at 9.8% in 2009; increased by 40% since then.
  • Estimated finance and insurance resignation rate at 13.1% in 2016, 13.7% in 2017.-- According to the Jacobson Group Insurance Talent Trends --
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